July 17, 2020

Introducing Black Bra 
the first album

Hoo boy. I'm so proud of this record and this band. It's been kicking around for about 3 years and I couldn't be more excited of what we put together.
It was an exercise in new dynamics for me. One was purely logistical—I switched from guitar to bass and all the challenges that brought with it. The other was deeper—a chance for Beth and I to find a new relationship in each other through creativity and collaboration. Exploring the vulnerabilities of emotions, experiences, and ideas that aren't song-ready with Beth and, in turn, the honesty and trust required to turn them into what you can hear on the record was and is a life-changer for me. Create art with your partner, whatever the word "art" means to you.

Jesse and Tyler, as individuals, are a powerhouse of musical ingenuity and deft skill. Jesse has spent countless hours building the synth-based melodies and ambience you hear. Sitting behind a expertly built but modest synth setup, Jesse's approach and contributions to each track are unique to the song (I'm almost positive he never used the same patch/sounds twice), for which I hold much respect and the songs are better for it. Tyler's percussion skills are a spectrum of skill. On one end, you have exceptional ability to balance aggressive rock needs with incredibly dynamic songs. The other end is a musician who, at least in my opinion, self-composes in themes and movements instead of more traditional and expected beats and patterns. Together, Jesse and Tyler brought their own strengths, experiences, and humanity to this band and I believe everyone's personality is represented on the record in the best way.

And the end result became something truly special. I love that I can listen to these songs and hear the individuals contributing to what Beth called "this little album of truth"—from instrumentation and melodic lines to performances and happy accidents. Even to the mic placements and signal chain Jeremy used to record it and the techniques Roger used to mix it, we couldn't replicate it if we tried.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it. 🖤

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